The power of SCSS


The first event is here! This month we’ll be exploring the world of CSS Pre-processors. We look at how to get started with SCSS before looking at what you can do with Susy, a layout tool built with SCSS mixins.

Our first speaker, Rob Walker, will be taking us through his recent journey from regular CSS to to world of SCSS. If you’re thinking of making the switch yourself and just need a little push, this is the talk for you.

Following Rob’s talk is our very own Martin Underhill with ‘Speedy, solid, semantic layout with Susy’. This talk picks up the baton from Rob, explaining how to use Sass for layout, via the powerful yet light-weight Susy library.


Tickets are up for grabs here 11:00 on the 12th of August. Make sure you're on the mailing list and you'll get a reminder email on the morning of the 12th.

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