All about your wellbeing


First up, Robin Hall with ‘We need to talk’. Imagine having a broken leg; you’re not sure how you broke it, and it’s been that way a while. But you’re too busy to deal with it so you carry on regardless.

So you just keep dragging yourself to the office every day, and nobody says anything. Then you notice a few other people with broken legs and broken arms and sprains and you think, “why the hell have they come to work like that?” Yeah, we have a deadline, but they should get that seen to. Right?

What if we saw mental health issues the same way? What if we talked about and dealt with them the same way? What would change in the workplace?

After the break we’ve got a Frontend NE veteran, Ade-Lee Adebiyi and his talk ‘Building Your Creative Confidence’. He’ll talk candidly on how he’s built my creative confidence over the years and overcome impostor syndrome. His creative journey hasn’t always been an easy one and he has become accepting his of weaknesses, failures and strengths.


Thanks as ever to our sponsors we have tombola sorting out the pizza, Big Bite Creative getting the drinks and Bytemark covering the venue.

This months guest sponsor is Hive who help their clients build amazing workplaces, we will hear more from them on the night!


Tickets are up for grabs here 11:00 on the 27th of September. Make sure you're on the mailing list and you'll get a reminder email on the morning of the 27th.

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