lightning talk event!


For our next, event we thought we’d do something a little different!

We want to encourage you to speak, so we are running our first lightning talk event!


We are super excited to announce our first round of talks:

Danielle Stone - How the world sees the web

Cultural differences in web users around the world and how not to put your foot in it.

Sean Cotterill - Ring-a-ring The Frontend - Change ringing using JavaScript and React

I will talk about how I tried to create a four-channel church-bell ringing simulator using JS and React.

Tim Bryan - Canvas and P5.js

An introduction to the HTML canvas element and how using the P5.js library can get you up and running quickly.

Surya teja Pulakhandam - Accessibility testing using Cypress

The talk is about using Cypress automation framework to test the web page in terms of accessibility.

More speakers?

In terms of topics, we are super open, and excited to see what you want to talk about!

If you need a bit of help, drop us a message on twitter or email else check out Sophie KooninTalking the Talk’.

Aside from Sophie’s talk here are some other good links;

We already have a couple of talks, but we’d love some more so submit a talk.

We might have a couple of things to give away to speakers too, so don’t delay!

Else we will have Sam talking about marquees and Colin talking about DHTML.

submit a talk


Our thanks to the amazing tombola, the fantastic Big Bite. They make this whole thing possible by paying for the pizza and drinks.

We will also be hearing from our guest sponsors Komodo who are recruiting, so check them out!


Tickets are up for grabs here 11:00 on the 31st of January. Make sure you're on the mailing list and you'll get a reminder email on the morning of the 31st.

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