Frontend NE wouldn’t be possible without our sponsors. We’re a bit fussy about who sponsors the event as we want to keep it relevant and interesting to the people who attend and are on our mailing list.

There are a few different areas you can sponsor:

Guest sponsor

This is a single event sponsorship (bookable up to 6 months in advance) and is usually used to promote a job. You could equally use it to advertise your product/service, or just to get yourself in the spotlight – maybe your company’s anniversary coming up or you’ve just moved into a swanky new office and want to show off a bit.

Here’s what’s included in the package:

We sponsored FrontEndNE to attract candidates to our Front-End Engineering team. The event was very well organised, with around 85 front-end developers in attendance and a great atmosphere. As a result of the sponsorship we got around 5 applicants. FrontEndNE are doing a great job! – Richard Powell, Server Density

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Pizza & drinks sponsors

These are block sponsorships, covering a 6 month period. It’s a pretty hands-off sponsorship as we have arrangements in place with the suppliers. Here’s what’s included:

  1. Mention in event announcement email 3 weeks before event
  2. Mention in reminder email (attendees only: usually 80 to 100 people)
  3. Logo on slideshow at beginning and end of event
  4. Mention at beginning of event
  5. Mention at end of event
  6. Tweet after event
  7. We’re happy to give a quick mention about an event you might be running or something else that might benefit the community (for example the drinks sponsor has been involved in an e-commerce developers meetup) but unfortunately not a pitch as this is a separate sponsorship
  8. Priority over other guest sponsors: if you and any others are looking to grab the guest sponsor slot one month we’ll always give the pizza and drinks sponsors preference (unless someone has already made payment to book the slot)
  9. Give us a banner stand to put up next to the beers/pizzas so everyone knows who they’re from
  10. First refusal on renewing your sponsorship at the end of the 6 month period

Sponsoring FENE allowed us to reach the best Front End developers in the North East. FENE gave us the chance to represent ourselves to those developers that may not have heard of us and give them a greater insight as to why they should work with us. It’s a two way street, with developers approaching us (we always attend the events), rather than going through recruiters, they can learn about us and we can learn about them in an informal atmosphere. Bottom line: we saved around 500% in recruiter fees per developer we hired, and wasted no time on unsuitable candidates. – Mark Radford, Bede Gaming

If you’re interested in sponsoring please get in touch for more details, availability and prices.