Universally Isomorphic JavaScript

Kaspars Zarinovs, 03/08/17

Kaspars Žarinovs takes us through Isomorphic/universal JavaScript; why it's so important and how to implement it. From code reuse and abstraction to tools and frameworks – he's got you covered.

Kaspars Žarinovs picks up the baton from Ali Sheehan Dare with his talk ‘Universally Isomorphic JavaScript’.

All the big players (Airbnb, Netflix, Google…) are using isomorphic/universal JavaScript and it’s quickly becoming best practice.

Kaspars takes us through the history of isomorphic js and a quick rundown of the pros and cons before diving into how we can do it, tools & frameworks that will make your life easier, rendering (JS server, JAMstack, etc.), then code reuse and abstraction.



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